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MIVB/STIB is the official public transport provider of Brussels, operating over 650 km of lines and executing 244,2 million bus, tram, and metro trips in a year. They are also in the forefront of the Mobib Card, the contactless smartcard that can hold tickets for any of the 4 public transport providers of Belgium.

Bryan was the lead architect for the NTBO, the project of MIVB to replace the organically grown in-house ticketing system with an off-the-shelf system. He was the key IT technician for the whole tender process from A to Z.

Bryan’s contribution to MIVB wasn’t limited to NTBO, it also includes several other tenders, big and small, ticketing systems, … in various stages of the process.  Bryan even went beyond the scope of solution architecture, it also included work in the field of security, SOA and the Mobib standard.


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