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NIC stand for “Nationaal Intermutualistisch College” which is a joined venture of different health insurance funds (CM, NZ, Soc Mut, LM, OZ, HZIV and HRRail) that handles the affairs that span multiple funds. In order to do so, they have a set of platforms (e.g. MyCareNet, Filtre, …) that allows them to exchange messages with each other, care providers and 3rd parties like the crossroad database of Belgium.

The most visible is the MyCareNet platform, it allows a vast variety of care providers to exchange a great deal of digital messages with the correct fund. Just to cite a few, hospitals can send a massive amount of digital invoices, pharmacies can check the patient’s insurance status so they can issue medicine at base cost, doctors can request the automatic reimbursement of a visit, …  The cool part? All this is based on the national registration number of the patient.

Bryan started over a decade ago as sole IT technician on the MyCareNet project, taking up all roles from solution architects over analyst to developer. As the project grew, the role of Bryan evolved into his current role of chief architect for the iSocial factory that not only includes the platforms of NIC but also similar customers like the holiday funds.


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