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Java Developer - Broker

As part of the iSocial Broker team you will help develop the messaging exchange platform used by the Belgian health insurance organizations.
Belgian Health Insurance Organizations


The iSocial Factory is the team at Atos that created the message broker that is used by the Belgian Health Insurance organizations (CM, OZ, Voorzorg, ...) to exchange message with each other and with care providers like doctors, nurces, pharmacies, hosptials... These messages range from check if you are ensured over invoices too request for permission for special medication.

You will be part of the team that created the messaging solution, simply called the Broker.  The Broker is based on Apache Camel and provides a set of building bloks and hooks that allow for a high level of reuse.  You mission will be to migrate message flows from the previous version of the platform to the new platform.

At the factory we are organized in self steering scrum teams which work for a large portion of their time from home.

Expected Technical experience

Ideally you master:

  • Java 8 and 11
  • Apache Camel
  • XSD and wsdl: validation, code generation, serialization, ...
  • Object Mapping: MapStruct, objectmapper
  • Security: JWT, PKCS, WS-Security, X509 Certificates, Xades, ...
  • DevOps: Ansible, Jenkins, ...
  • Config files: yaml
  • Database: liquibase, JDBC

Great if you know:

  • Prometheus
  • Linux (RedHat enterprise linux)
  • Kafka
  • RDBMS: Oracle, Postgres
  • REST




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